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BCS Replacement Could Be Plus-One System

It has been clear for quite awhile, at least to most college football fans, that a BCS replacement is needed. Things are luckily moving in that direction, too, with the recent reports indicating that it'll likely begin with a "plus-one" system.

Meetings as far as what that would consist of are being held this week in Dallas, featuring all 11 conference commissioners, the athletic director of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and BCS executive director Bill Hancock. Hancock didn't have many specifics when talking to the media regarding what's being talked about, but did give some general quotes in a Sports Illustrated report.

While there seems to be growing support for creating a four-team playoff to determine a champion, how exactly that would work and when the games would be played remains to be seen.

"It's very clear the commissioners do not want the championship game to be played too late,'' Hancock said in a telephone interview. Hancock added the commissioners were "resolute about not having BCS games in the midweek after Jan. 1''.

It seems that a four-team tournament involving three games -- essentially a pair of semifinal games before determining a national champion -- is going to happen much sooner than an eight- or 16-team tournament, according to the sources the Sporting News was able to gather.

The next meeting regarding the BCS replacement is scheduled to be held on Wednesday, but Sporting News quoted Hancock as saying he'd be "surprised" if anything happened before this summer.

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