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2012 ACC Football Schedule: Florida State Adds Savannah State

The Florida St. Seminoles have finally patched up the schedule gap left by the West Virginia Mountaineers, who had to drop and out-of-conference game after leaving the Big East for the Big 12. In place of WVU: mighty Savannah State, and now we see why FSU was complaining about losing potential millions due to the Mountaineers' cancellation.

The Tigers are a FCS school, meaning the Noles will need seven wins to become bowl eligible, as Murray State's already on the slate. It's not a marquee game by any means, but it's a game. Savannah State has a football team.

With that out of the way, it would appear the ACC's schedule roadblock has been cleared. There's no official word from the conference on when the 2012 schedule will be released, but one official confirmed last week that FSU's situation was indeed the only real hindrance in the way.