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Randy Edsall Accusing James Franklin Of Tampering, Vanderbilt Mostly Confirms

The Vanderbilt Commodores have been accused by an ACC school of doing something bad, Vandy announced Wednesday. Putting various numbers together, one can deduce the ACC school is Maryland, and the charge is tampering with former Terps quarterback Danny O'Brien, who's at least interested in transferring to play for former offensive coordinator James Franklin in Nashville.


We have been informed by the Southeastern Conference that the Atlantic Coast Conference has filed a formal complaint involving Vanderbilt University football on behalf of one of its members. We are complying with SEC and Vanderbilt procedures and are conducting an investigation on the matter.

Partially due to the allegation, O'Brien will reportedly lie low for a little while. Franklin has already publicly denied tampering, but has acknowledged he maintains relationships with former players.

This is not the first time Franklin has gotten into a spat with another coach, and it's not the first time Randy Edsall has done something that seems super petty to pretty much everybody. Carry on!

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