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2012 ACC Football Schedule Now Tied Up By Georgia Tech

Good! The Florida St. Seminoles have found a replacement, no matter how satisfactory, for the West Virginia Mountaineers, and the ACC can go ahead and release its 2012 football AW NOO NOT THIS AGAIN:

With Florida State having finalized its non-conference schedule Wednesday, the league now needs [Georgia] Tech to complete its non-conference slate in order to release the schedule.

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets want to play the Virginia Tech Hokies on Labor Day, but don't want to follow it with a game against an opponent that they might lose to if hampered by a short week, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. This means the Jackets would like to find another time to play Middle Tennessee, the team they have lined up after VPI, and instead play a FCS team.

There has also been chatter about the Jackets having a chance at a game against the Oklahoma Sooners right around that time, but that ship's done sailed and FOCUS. Let's just find Georgia Tech an FCS team to play one game with and we can be on our way.