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Mountain West Could Become BCS AQ Conference In 2012

The Mountain West Conference could become a BCS AQ conference as early as the 2012 season.

The Mountain West Conference finally knows which teams will be in the conference for the 2012 season, but they will need to continue to wait on the decision of whether or not they will become a BCS-automatic qualifier conference. The BCS will try to put a committee together to speed up the voting process, according to a report by CBS Sports.

BCS executive director Bill Hancock told Wednesday that the BCS will continue to try to get the Presidential Oversight Committee together on a conference call, but Hancock said there is no immediate deadline when the committee would vote and one may not be conducted until the start of the season, in late August or early September.

The MWC originally applied for BCS exemption, claiming that it met all the requirements to qualify for an automatic BCS bid back in December. In order for the exemption to be approved, it must be voted on by a 12-member Presidential Oversight Committee and needs nine votes of approval to pass. The Mountain West is trying to push this exemption through because beginning in 2013, the Mountain West will no longer exist. After the 2012 season, both the Mountain West and Conference USA will dissolve and join to form one big conference.

The MWC argues that both the ACC and the Big East were able to keep their AQ status in the past, despite not meeting the requirements set forth by the BCS. "It is only appropriate that the Mountain West's exemption request be considered in that context and a consistency of approach be maintained," the league wrote in a four-page letter to the Presidential Oversight Committee.

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