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TCU Football Spring Practice: Depth Chart Remodeling Begins

The TCU Horned Frogs' football stadium was torn down after last season, and is being constructed anew. It is very pretty. To metaphor a metaphor, let's note TCU's football roster has also been rent asunder and must be rebuilt. It's so easy!

The losses, due to the great Fort Worth drug caper of February 2012, are heavy. Starters LB Tanner Brock, NT D.J. Yendrey, and S Devin Johnson were all arrested, as was potential starter OT Ty Horn. I took a crack at the depth chart damage here, but it's safe to say Gary Patterson has on his hard hat, which he never takes off anyway. I'm sort of scared of Gary Patterson.

Patterson's first move, as Frogs O' War notes: giving some walk-ons a shot at linebacker, one of the thinnest positions considering that Tank Carder has also moved on. Big Sam Carter has taken over for Johnson for the time being, while fellow safety Danny Heiss has slid down to LB.

Stefan Stevenson views the tackle spots on each side of the ball as the biggest competitions, with only two offensive line positions good to go and a whole lot of humanity battling to replace Yendrey.

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