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2012 ACC Football Schedule: Highlights, Strength Of Schedule And More

The 2012 ACC football schedule has now joined us. Virginia Tech's the bull in the ring, Miami's running a gauntlet, and even Florida State fans approve.

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We should probably talk about the ACC football schedule right now. After being delayed by almost two weeks thanks to West Virginia dropping its game against Florida State and Georgia Tech carving out space for a Labor Day game against Virginia Tech, it's a masterpiece quite a while in the making.

Actually, this year it looks like only one fan base is all that mad about anything, so it might be the peak of the genre. Virginia Tech gets a bunch of teams coming off byes, but that's about it. Time heals all wounds! Patience pays off! Let's have some categories!

Five Really Important Games

Clemson vs. Auburn, Sept. 1: The ACC lives in the shadow of its big brother football conference, but the Auburn-With-A-Lake Tigers aren't exactly to blame for that. This series has become one of the Southeast's recent best, with three memorable games in the past five years. There may also be sandwich envy. And we'll all hope something happens over the summer to liven up this game's N.C. State Vs. Tennessee counterpart just a little, like maybe the Wolfpack renting Lane Kiffin somehow.

Florida State at Virginia Tech, Nov. 8: The ACC Championship Game favorites, as they are every year no matter what happened the year before or during the summer! Thursday night football without Craig James! Thursday night football without Craig James? Say no more.

Virginia at TCU, Sept. 22: The two college football coaches who frighten me the most, Mike London and Gary Patterson, on the same field. If any TCU players still have any ideas about running criminal organizations on campus, it would be wise to not do so while London, a former vice cop, is on campus. Oh, and with the Hoos rising and the Frogs patching their depth chart back together, this could be an early-season upset watch.

Clemson at Florida State, Sept. 22: The battle for the ACC Atlantic, probably -- these teams have combined to win the Atlantic four of seven times and three in a row. The Techmo Bowl on Labor Day could also go here, as the winner of that matchup has won the Coastal every year since there's been a Coastal. The ACC's really nowhere as random as we'd like to believe.

Florida State at Florida, Nov. 24: All three of the ACC's Hate Week showdowns with SEC rivals matter (and you do too, Vandy-Wake Forest!), but FSU looks like the ACC rep most likely to be somewhere in or around the top 10 by the end of the year, based on ...

Strength Of Schedule

Average strength of schedule, according to final 2011 F/+ rankings and charted according to bloodiness. The lower, the bloodier:

Team SOS

Miami 51

Duke 52.7

Maryland 54

Virginia Tech 54.5

Virginia 55.4

Boston College 56.4

Georgia Tech 61.2

Wake Forest 61.5

Clemson 61.7

Florida State 64.8

N.C. State 65.1

North Carolina 70.8

North Carolina's bloodless schedule, with non-con games against Elon, Idaho, and East Carolina, merits no coloring whatsoever. Larry Fedora must wear a white fedora all year. Florida State could be this year's 2011 Virginia Tech -- the ACC school that's clearly good, but just tramples an easier schedule for most of the year. Their status is hurt by swapping out West Virginia for Savannah State, which was beyond FSU's control. Noles' fans are not unhappy about all of this.

N.C. State's sched is navigable, once they chop through the rough early waters.

The Canes, meanwhile, are awash in gore, getting top-40 foes Notre Dame, South Florida and K-State, in addition to FSU and Virginia Tech. Miami's just taken its coat off and started pointing at all the biggest people in the bar, so to speak, and fans of the U are well aware what they're in for. Duke and Maryland will not be surging to the top this year, and Virginia's rebirth will be put to the test.

Right in the middle is Georgia Tech, which gets Georgia and BYU but enjoys a nice home stand to start the season.

Things To Get Mad About

Frank Beamer will get to enjoy only the freshest-smelling opponents all year long:

But Logan Thomas ain't mad:

Clemson-FSU scheduling always seems to get one side or the other worked up:

Maryland's schedule is unfairly loaded:

As is Boston College's:

But if even Florida State fans are happy, then everybody's happy: