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Big 12 Schedule Has Florida State Talking West Virginia Lawsuit, Courting Oklahoma

A complicated one: the West Virginia Mountaineers are attempting to leave for the Big 12 immediately, instead of waiting until the Big East is ready to let them go. This has led to multiple legal torts and retorts and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, but the Big 12 is confident enough the 'Eers will break free that WVU is listed on the schedule the conference provided to TV partners (but not to the public yet).

But since the Big 12 is moving to a nine-game conference schedule, that means West Virginia has to drop a previously canceled 2012 out-of-conference game. This means no Florida State-West Virginia in Tallahassee, which means the 'Noles now need another game. (Which also means FSU fans are happy.)

FSU athletic director Randy Spetman is talking about adding to West Virginia's monstrous legal bill while looking for a replacement. He's reached out to Rutgers, Texas A&M, Syracuse and Pittsburgh -- three schools leaving their current conferences and another which seems to be less than thrilled with the Big East and could use the money -- along with Oklahoma, with whom Florida State just played a home-and-home.

Thus, because of realignment, somebody's gonna be stuck importing a team from the Big West in place of an actual contest. And you know how much power programs hate automatic wins.