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Mountain West, Conference USA Now Talking Merger, According To Report

Remember that thing about the Mountain West Conference and Conference USA forming a 22-team football alliance? Nobody really understood it, but it was kind of horrifying and kind of awesome. It was also apparently not quite enough, as CBS Sports reports the two leagues could simply "dissolve" and become one complete conference.

Depending on who else gets poached, the conference could have 17 teams in five time zones. (That 22-team figure came before the Big East picked off a few from each side.) Very few of those teams would excite anybody outside of the conference's geographical base, but that's the good news! The conference's geographical base is absolutely everywhere! Just being positive.

Desperate times, and at least neither of these conferences is stuck being the WAC. Not a week goes by that you don't feel bad for the WAC at some point, right?

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