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Rick Ross (Is A Boss) Is A Clemson Fan

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Rick Ross is one of the most successful MAYBACH MUSIC MAYBACH MUSIC I'm so sorry about that. Just like his mixtapes, every story about Rick Ross has a woman yelling "Maybach Music" over the content of the story. You must also mention that Rick Ross is a boss (he's a boss) at least once during the article. (He's a boss.)

Rick Ross's latest epic is "Yellow Diamonds." Diamonds are not yellow, but Rick Ross is a wordsmith who once rhymed "two" with "two" seven times in a row in a song, so you know he's employing some high-level figurative language to talk about something else. That something else is almost always drugs he is selling to augment his already insane wealth, and then perhaps spend it almost as quickly as he makes it because that is "How a Don do." Some Dons would disagree, something they will undoubtedly discuss at the Don Convention this year in Milwaukee.

You're wondering what the sports connection is, and we're about to point you in that very direction because seriously: Rick Ross is wearing a Clemson jacket in a video, and you need to be made aware of this.


There are natural connections between Mr. Ross' subject matter and Clemson football, but as someone from Miami the repping of an ACC rival Mr. Ross has now canceled any and all access to the Miami football program. (Not that the Miami football program is all that keen on rappers or anybody at all hanging around the program these days.) He is welcome in Clemson anytime.

When reached for comment, Dabo Swinney replied "AAAAAAAAHHHRRRGHHHHA AAAAIIII WOOOOO AAAAGGGHHH AAAAAAAAA dabo."

P.S. Let's pretend this doesn't exist, if only to save Ross the trouble of a smashed windshield on his next visit to Dade County.