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Conference Realignment Could Leave Rutgers, Syracuse With Nobody Else To Play

The college football world has spoken: the people do not want a rematch. Nobody wants to see two teams with terrible offenses take the field again and score a bunch of field goals, especially after nobody enjoyed it the first time around. But the Big East might make us all put up with it again anyway.

With West Virginia leaving, the Big East could be forced to have Rutgers and Syracuse play each other twice in football next year. Which is pretty sad, since Cuse is also leaving as soon as it can. Already bummed about Rutgers having just USF to play against until reinforcements arrive from the west. But if worst comes to worst, the Scarlet Knights are totally cool with only having one available opponent. They've done it before, you see.

You remember that story about the Pinstripe Bowl rep somehow scoring a credential to Alabama-LSU? Now we know what was going on there. He wasn't out to scout the lords of the SEC for the Big East-centric bowl. He was really looking into how to put on a rematch. Always thinking ahead, the Big East.

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