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College Conference Realignment: 11 Teams Inquire About MWC/CUSA Membership

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For the Mountain West and Conference USA to get their eventual 24-team* Frankenstein conference up and running, they'll probably have to heavily raid the WAC and Sun Belt. From the sounds of things, certain WAC and Sun Belt teams wouldn't mind being raided all that much.

Brett McMurphy reports the entire WAC, plus the Sun Belt's Florida Atlantic, Florida International and North Texas and the Atlantic 10's super-cheeky Charlotte, have been in some sort of talks with the conglomerate about possible membership.

The megalith currently has 16 teams lined up, which would obviously leave a few of those schools out unless, say, the Big East came pluckin'. Hitting Florida, Texas and California hard would make sense for the item we're calling MOUNT USA until somebody tells us not to, and it's hard not to keep feeling bad for Idaho's prospects.

Those other WAC teams are Louisiana Tech, New Mexico State, San Jose State, Texas State, Texas-San Antonio and Utah State. USU was among the first to reportedly draw interest, while UT-SA has a big, shiny media market to offer, the sort of thing conference commissioners go wild over.

* Yes, it's technically an 18-to-24-team vision, but how dare you dream anything but big?