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Butler Could Replace Temple In Atlantic 10, According To Report

Lost in all of this college realignment is that there are universities who value their basketball programs. Almost all of the conference shuffling that has occurred in recent times has been about football and nothing but football, but there's one school that doesn't even have a Division I football program interested in making moves. That school is Butler.

According to Andy Katz at ESPN, the Butler Bulldogs are interested in replacing the Temple Owls in the Atlantic 10. Temple recently confirmed that they are leaving the MAC, where they compete in football, and the Atlantic 10, where they compete in everything else, to join the Big East Transcontinental Conference.

Butler has made 11 appearances in the NCAA Tournament, 10 of which while a member of their current conference, the Horizon League. They're interested in a step up in competition, which makes sense considering that they're the back-to-back Division I men's basketball runners-up.

If you're wondering, Butler does have a football program. They compete in the Pioneer Football League, they play in FCS, and they don't offer scholarships.