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College Conference Realignment: Sun Belt Considering Charlotte, Texas-San Antonio

While the Mountain West and Conference USA are building something great and terrible all across the globe, the WAC and Sun Belt have to come up with a way to survive the great mid-major consolidation of our time. The WAC looks likely to be devoured by MOUNT USA and left for scraps, while the Sun Belt should survive and could even end up growing.

Speaking of growing, Brett McMurphy reports that Texas-San Antonio and Charlotte could join the Sun Belt. Charlotte has also reportedly put in for WAC membership, while UT-SA is set to begin its first FBS season as a member of the WAC. So there's your sign of the times as to which bottom-rung conference at least has both its hands on the ladder. That's a metaphor.

The Sun Belt wants to expand to 12 football teams when the dust clears. It currently has 10, counting South Alabama, which joins this year-ish. However, at least three schools could leave for MOUNT USA, again according to McMurphy.