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Arkansas Spring Football: Knile Davis '100 Percent' Healthy, Ready To Return

The Arkansas Razorbacks begin spring football on Wednesday, and one of their best players is set to make his return. Running back Knile Davis, who missed all of 2011 after suffering a gruesome left ankle injury last year in preseason practice, will give the SEC's most explosive offense a weapon to replace what it's losing to the NFL Draft.

Coach Bobby Petrino says Davis is ready to return to form ... too ready to stick around for more than a year, in fact:

"I count Knile as a senior because basically this will be his last year and then he'll come out, go in the draft,'' Petrino said Tuesday. "We'll list him as a junior because he redshirted last year, but we anticipate him having a great year and coming out. That's what the plan is, that's what he needs to do.''

Davis led the SEC in rushing in 2010, and he was able to return to practice before last year's Cotton Bowl. There was some word that he might be able to participate against Kansas State, but he didn't quite make it all the way back just then.

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