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College Conference Realignment: Sun Belt Could Add Charlotte, Merge With WAC

What we know regarding mid-major conference realignment: The Mountain West and Conference USA are partnering up, the Sun Belt is looking to expand while warding off MOUNT USA, and the WAC is better left unmentioned, out of respect for the nearly deceased.

On Tuesday, the indispensable Jon Wilner of the Mercury News dropped off a whole shed full of knowledge bombs regarding what comes next for the four relevant conferences.

Confirming parts of earlier reports, Wilner says Fla. International, Louisiana Tech, North Texas, San Jose St., Texas-San Antonio and Utah State are up for MOUNT USA consideration. As for what happens to the hypothetically gutted Sun Belt and WAC, Wilner cites the possibility of the two conferences merging. Charlotte has a Sun Belt invite, he also reports.

Whew! There's actually more stuff there, as well. You should probably follow Mr. Wilner.

MOUNT USA hopes to expand from 16 teams to something like 24 teams. If they add anything short of eight schools, there will be loud scorn and derision. If they come up with a name that isn't MOUNT USA, there will be the same.