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Ross Bjork's Fund-Raising Background Impresses Ole Miss Fans

Mississippi Rebels fans have had a day to file through the background of new athletic director Ross Bjork, and it seems that, for the most part, they like what they're finding. He's young, has no ties to the previous regime, and has a knack for making money just appear out of nowhere, a handy talent during facilities reconstruction times.

Ole Miss blog Red Cup Rebellion had a roundtable on the matter. One stance:

From a fundraising standpoint, he seems like a slam dunk. From a youthful, engagement standpoint he seems like a slam dunk. His main job now is to energize an understandably disappointed fanbase. He's not Archie Manning or Walker Jones (which is a good thing), but he'll need to prove himself to the sweater vest crowd. Also, how he handles the women's basketball opening and the Andy Kennedy questions will be an interesting insight into his management style. If he can come through that well, I think he'll go far in gaining support among the Ole Miss community.

Elsewhere, "cheat stew" is referenced as a recipe with which Bjork will need to become more familiar. It sounds pretty good!

Bjork has climbed the ranks quickly, with stops including Miami, Mizzou, UCLA and Western Kentucky before landing his first top job at the age of 42.

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