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College Football Playoffs: Dallas Wants Playoff Championship Game

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If the 2014 college football season concludes with a championship game whose participants are determined by a bracket, no matter how small that bracket may be, Jerry Jones would like to host that game. You are not surprised to learn this.

To the Dallas Morning News, a Cowboys Stadium spokesperson:

Stadium spokesman Brett Daniels said, "We're very interested in the future of the BCS and bringing a game to Cowboys Stadium."

BCS commissioners are meeting in that very city for another round of talks about what to do with college football's postseason once the current BCS deal runs out. A "plus-one" playoff remains the most likely format for starters, but since they've last met, a four-team model with semifinalists getting home field advantage has emerged as the public favorite, despite the SEC's opposition.

They have all summer to work out a transition plan, so don't expect any major news any time soon. Whenever there is major news, surely Cowboys Stadium will offer to host the breaking of it.