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Chad Kelly Has Some Clemson Money, Is Gonna Be Pretty Fun

Clemson Tigers backup (BACKUP?) quarterback Chad Kelly* would like you to take a look at his Clemson-branded stack of cash. Clemson probably would not like you to take a look at this cash, which probably didn't come from disallowed channels and is also not really that much money. But still.

However, if Clemson thinks it's gonna limit Chad Kelly's swag, it's fallen behind on its swag containment strategies and may not really be a swagricultural school at all.

The latest evidence of Chad Kelly's swag:

Not bad, young buck, but your swag is surpassed by teammate Mike Bellamy's.

* You know, the one with his own rap song who's Jim Kelly's nephew and who's pretty much the white Michael Vick and whose swag may or may not have inspired Rick Ross to do this. Chad Kelly is gonna continue to be pretty fun.

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