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NCAA Football 13 Cover Vote Down To Barry Sanders, Herschel Walker

Joining Robert Griffin III on the cover of NCAA Football 13 will be a fellow former Heisman Trophy winner. After a public vote, it's come down to Barry Sanders of the Oklahoma St. Cowboys and Herschel Walker of the Georgia Bulldogs, the two best running backs in college football history IMHO. Desmond Howard and Doug Flutie were the most recently eliminated competitors.

You can vote on this thing here.

Tough race to call here, as Sanders will stir up a little bit of national attention from general football fans, while Walker's status gets a boost from being by far the most beloved player in the history of a top-10 program. Very important competition, and the world will be changed forever by its outcome.

Sanders posted 3,248 total yards in his Heisman season, while Walker is the only player to finish in the top three of Heisman voting in every year of his college career.