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Danny O'Brien Visits Penn State Again After Wisconsin Trip

The Penn St. Nittany Lions fired up spring camp on Monday, and potential starting quarterback Danny O'Brien was right there with them. The Maryland Terrapins transfer made his second stop in Happy Valley, sandwiched around visits to the Mississippi Rebels and Wisconsin Badgers.

Dave Miller at the National Football Post thinks it's coming down to a two-team race between the Big Ten entrants, but the Vanderbilt Commodores still present an opportunity, albeit one that would come with a depth chart challenge from Jordan Rodgers.

Ole Miss does still present an interesting option and shouldn't be counted out, but until O'Brien goes and visits another school for a second time, I think PSU and Vandy have to be considered the favorites here. Sharing a last name with the head coach always forms an instant bond, I'm sure we can agree. What if Bill O'Brien is Danny O'Brien's uncle? You have to consider these things.