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Penn State's Weight Room Is The Second Most Patriotic Weight Room In America

Penn State will retool just about everything about its football program this fall. This is not necessarily a bad thing in one respect, at least: their antiquated weight room received a complete makeover thanks to to new head coach Bill O'Brien and the Nittany Lions' new strength and conditioning coach Craig Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald believes in olympic lifts, the value of the heavy squat, and most importantly, that a weight room cannot possibly be too patriotic.

"We have an American flag [in the weight room], and Mike Mauti said 'you know coach, you should put an American flag underneath that Pride sign,' " Fitzgerald said. "So the next day we had that [flag] laid up, so he's pretty excited about that. I don't think you can have enough American flags in your weight room."

Agreed on all counts, Mr. Fitzgerald. You will be second place at best no matter what you do, however. Atlanta's powerlifting mecca, Quest Gym, is literally part of an actual American flag factory, and is by location the most patriotic gym in these United States. Until you somehow build your weight room into a giant flag itself, second place will have to do.