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Danny O'Brien To Wisconsin: So Who's Bret Bielema's 2013 ACC Transfer QB?

Two years in a row now, the Wisconsin Badgers have whisked away perhaps the ACC's most talented returning quarterback. N.C. State Wolfpack baseball fan Russell Wilson led Wisconsin to a Big Ten title, while former ACC Rookie of the Year Danny O'Brien has fled the Maryland Terrapins to try and do the same.

Bret Bielema clearly has a unique quarterback recruiting plan going, so let's try and forecast his 2013 ACC quarterback import, because of course it's going to happen again. Eight names to watch:

Chad Kelly, Clemson: Nation, consider Jim Kelly's nephew the most dangerous transfer threat in all of college football right now. He's behind the highly talented Tajh Boyd (and so forth) on the depth chart right now, and has already announced he has no intention of riding the bench. He's already announced a lot of stuff.

Cole Stoudt, Clemson: Not only is he also stuck behind Tajh Boyd, he has to listen to Chad Kelly all day long.

Ross Metheny, South Alabama: Wait, USA is in the ACC now? Not so fast. This Virginia Cavaliers transfer is set to spend a season with the Jaguars, but he wouldn't be the first to make a pilgrimage to Madison by way of Mobile. He actually would totally be the first.

Synjyn Days, Georgia Tech: You like to run the ball, Wisconsin. What if we told you that you could have a quarterback who pretty much just does that? If Vad Lee takes the Yellow Jackets' starting gig away from Tevin Washington, that could leave Days with only one ... ... option ... ...

Josh Bordner, Boston College: It's important to acknowledge every now and then that Boston College is in the ACC.

Chad Voytik, Pittsburgh: It's also important to remember that today's four-star Big East recruit is tomorrow's Rose Bowl-losing former ACC quarterback. We have the most confusing sport of all.

Bryn Renner, UNC: Did you know college football players actually care about bowl bans? Your correspondent predicts Renner will be so bitter at missing out on a trip to the 2012 Music City Bowl that he protests all the way to Camp Randall.

C.J. Brown, Maryland: "Don't leave me here," C.J. Brown wailed at Danny O'Brien's thinning shadow. "Don't make me start for Randy Edsall!"

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