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2012 MAC Football Schedule Released: MACtion, Now Featuring UMass

The 2012 MAC football schedule is upon us, and the nation's college football schedule is pretty much set for the coming season. A few loose ends still remain, and a team or two will surely drop one FCS opponent for another or what have you, but we pretty much know what we're getting into now.

As for the MAC itself, the Temple Owls depart while UMass comes aboard. Nothing drastic, but names have changed. The Minutemen make their MAC debut on Sept. 22 against Miami (Ohio).

2012 MAC Football Schedule (composite by date)
All times listed ET
*Conference Game
#ESPN Multiple-Game Selection Date (an ESPN weekday multiple-game selection date will be announced 12 days prior to the listed date. One (1) game will be selected by each ESPN service listed).

Aug. 30 - Thursday
Central Florida at Akron
*Eastern Michigan at Ball State
Southeast Missouri at Central Michigan
Towson at Kent State
UMass at Connecticut

Sep. 1 - Saturday
Bowling Green at Florida
Buffalo at Georgia
Iowa at Northern Illinois (at Soldier Field, Chicago, Ill.)
Miami at Ohio State
Ohio at Penn State
Toledo at Arizona
Western Michigan at Illinois

Sep. 8 - Saturday
Akron at Florida International
Ball State at Clemson
Eastern Illinois at Western Michigan
Kent State at Kentucky
Idaho at Bowling Green
Indiana at UMass
Illinois State at Eastern Michigan
Michigan State at Central Michigan
Morgan State at Buffalo
New Mexico State at Ohio
Southern Illinois at Miami
Tennessee Martin at Northern Illinois
Toledo at Wyoming

Sep. 15 - Saturday
Ball State at Indiana
*Bowling Green at Toledo
Eastern Michigan at Purdue
Miami at Boise State
Morgan State at Akron
Northern Illinois at Army
Ohio at Marshall
UMass at Michigan
Western Michigan at Minnesota

Sep. 19 - Wednesday or Sep. 20 - Thursday
*Kent State at Buffalo, TBD (ESPNU)

Sep. 22 - Saturday
Akron at Tennessee
Bowling Green at Virginia Tech
Central Michigan at Iowa
Coastal Carolina at Toledo
Connecticut at Western Michigan
Eastern Michigan at Michigan State
Kansas at Northern Illinois
Norfolk State at Ohio
South Florida at Ball State
*UMass at Miami

Sep. 29 - Saturday
*Ball State at Kent State
Buffalo at Connecticut
*Central Michigan at Northern Illinois
*Miami at Akron
*Ohio at UMass
Rhode Island at Bowling Green
*Toledo at Western Michigan

Oct. 6 - Saturday
*Bowling Green at Akron
*Buffalo at Ohio
*Central Michigan at Toledo
*Kent State at Eastern Michigan
Miami at Cincinnati
*Northern Illinois at Ball State
*UMass at Western Michigan

Oct. 13 - Saturday
*Akron at Ohio
*Buffalo at Northern Illinois
Kent State at Army
*Miami at Bowling Green
Navy at Central Michigan
*Toledo at Eastern Michigan
*Western Michigan at Ball State

Oct. 20 - Saturday
Army at Eastern Michigan
*Ball State at Central Michigan
*Bowling Green at UMass
Cincinnati at Toledo
*Northern Illinois at Akron
Pittsburgh at Buffalo
*Western Michigan at Kent State

Oct. 27 - Saturday
*Akron at Central Michigan
Ball State at Army
*Eastern Michigan at Bowling Green
Kent State at Rutgers
*Northern Illinois at Western Michigan
*Ohio at Miami
*Toledo at Buffalo
UMass at Vanderbilt

Nov. 1 - Thursday
*Eastern Michigan at Ohio, 6:00 pm ET (ESPNU)

Nov. 3 - Saturday
*Akron at Kent State
*Miami at Buffalo
*UMass at Northern Illinois
*Western Michigan at Central Michigan

Nov. 6 - Tuesday
*Ball State at Toledo, 8:00 pm ET (ESPN2)

Nov. 7 - Wednesday
*Bowling Green at Ohio, 8:00 pm ET (ESPN2)

Nov. 10 - Saturday
*Central Michigan at Eastern Michigan
*Kent State at Miami
*UMass at Akron
*Western Michigan at Buffalo

Nov. 14 - Wednesday
#*Ohio at Ball State, 8:00 pm ET (ESPN2/ESPNU)
#*Toledo at Northern Illinois, 9:00 pm ET (ESPN2/ESPNU)

Nov. 17 - Saturday
*Buffalo at UMass
*Eastern Michigan at Western Michigan
*Kent State at Bowling Green
*Miami at Central Michigan

Nov. 20 - Tuesday
*Akron at Toledo, 7:00 pm ET (ESPN2)

Nov. 23 - Friday
#*Ball State at Miami, (ESPNU/ESPN3)
#*Buffalo at Bowling Green, at Columbus Crew Stadium, Columbus, Ohio (ESPNU/ESPN3)
#*Central Michigan at UMass, (ESPNU/ESPN3)
#*Northern Illinois at Eastern Michigan, (ESPNU/ESPN3)
#*Ohio at Kent State, (ESPNU/ESPN3)

Nov. 30 - Friday
MAC Championship Game, 7:00 pm ET (ESPN2)
At Ford Field in Detroit

2012 MAC Football Schedule (composite by school)
All times listed ET
*Conference Game
#ESPN Multiple-Game Selection Date (an ESPN weekday multiple-game selection date will be announced 12 days prior to the listed date. One (1) game will be selected by each ESPN service listed).


30 Central Florida
8 at Florida International
15 Morgan State
22 at Tennessee
29 *Miami
6 *Bowling Green
13 *at Ohio
20 *Northern Illinois
27 *at Central Michigan
3 *at Kent State
10 *UMass
20 *at Toledo, 7:00 pm ET (ESPN2)

Bowling Green
1 at Florida
8 Idaho
15 *at Toledo
22 at Virginia Tech
29 Rhode Island
6 *at Akron
13 *Miami
20 *at UMass
27 *Eastern Michigan
7 *at Ohio, 8:00 pm ET (ESPN2)
17 *Kent State
23 #*Buffalo, at Columbus Crew Stadium, Columbus, Ohio (ESPNU/ESPN3)

1 at Georgia
8 Morgan State
19/20 *Kent State, TBD (ESPNU)
29 at Connecticut
6 *at Ohio
13 *at Northern Illinois
20 Pittsburgh
27 *Toledo
3 *Miami
10 *Western Michigan
17 *at UMass
23 #*at Bowling Green, at Columbus Crew Stadium, Columbus, Ohio (ESPNU/ESPN3)

Kent State
30 Towson
8 at Kentucky
19/20 *at Buffalo, TBD (ESPNU)
29 *Ball State
6 *at Eastern Michigan
13 at Army
20 *Western Michigan
27 at Rutgers
3 *Akron
10 *at Miami
17 *at Bowling Green
23 #*Ohio, (ESPNU/ESPN3)

30 at Connecticut
8 Indiana
15 at Michigan
22 *at Miami
29 *Ohio
6 *at Western Michigan
20 *Bowling Green
27 at Vanderbilt
3 *at Northern Illinois
10 *at Akron
17 *Buffalo
23 #*Central Michigan, (ESPNU/ESPN3)

1 at Ohio State
8 Southern Illinois
15 at Boise State
22 *UMass
29 *at Akron
6 at Cincinnati
13 *at Bowling Green
27 *Ohio
3 *at Buffalo
10 *Kent State
17 *at Central Michigan
23 #*Ball State, (ESPNU/ESPN3)

1 at Penn State
8 New Mexico State
15 at Marshall
22 Norfolk State
29 *at UMass
6 *Buffalo
13 *Akron
27 *at Miami
1 *Eastern Michigan, 6:00 pm ET (ESPNU)
7 *Bowling Green, 8:00 pm ET (ESPN2)
14 #*at Ball State, 8:00 pm ET (ESPN2/ESPNU)
23 #*at Kent State, (ESPNU/ESPN3)


Ball State
30 *Eastern Michigan
8 at Clemson
15 at Indiana
22 South Florida
29 *at Kent State
6 *Northern Illinois
13 *Western Michigan
20 *at Central Michigan
27 at Army
6 *at Toledo, 8:00 pm ET (ESPN2)
14 #*Ohio, 8:00 pm ET (ESPN2/ESPNU)
23 #*at Miami, (ESPNU/ESPN3)

Central Michigan
30 Southeast Missouri
8 Michigan State
22 at Iowa
29 *at Northern Illinois
6 *at Toledo
13 Navy
20 *Ball State
27 *Akron
3 *Western Michigan
10 *at Eastern Michigan
17 *Miami
23 #*at UMass, (ESPNU/ESPN3)

Eastern Michigan
30 *at Ball State
8 Illinois State
15 at Purdue
22 at Michigan State
6 *Kent State
13 *Toledo
20 Army
27 *at Bowling Green
1 *at Ohio, 6:00 pm ET (ESPNU)
10 *Central Michigan
17 *at Western Michigan
23 #*Northern Illinois, (ESPNU/ESPN3)

Northern Illinois
1 Iowa (at Soldier Field, Chicago, Ill.)
8 Tennessee-Martin
15 at Army
22 Kansas
29 *Central Michigan
6 *at Ball State
13 *Buffalo
20 *at Akron
27 *at Western Michigan
3 *UMass
14 #*Toledo, 9:00 pm ET (ESPN2/ESPNU)
23 #*at Eastern Michigan, (ESPNU/ESPN3)

1 at Arizona
8 at Wyoming
15 *Bowling Green
22 Coastal Carolina
29 *at Western Michigan
6 *Central Michigan
13 *at Eastern Michigan
20 Cincinnati
27 *at Buffalo
6 *Ball State, 8:00 pm ET (ESPN2)
14 #*at Northern Illinois, 9:00 pm ET (ESPN2/ESPNU)
20 *Akron, 7:00 pm ET (ESPN2)

Western Michigan
1 at Illinois
8 Eastern Illinois
15 at Minnesota
22 Connecticut
29 *Toledo
6 *UMass
13 *at Ball State
20 *at Kent State
27 *Northern Illinois
3 *at Central Michigan
10 *at Buffalo
17 *Eastern Michigan

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