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Should Wisconsin Change The Way It Recruits Quarterbacks?

In an article Wednesday afternoon, CBS Sports author Tom Fornelli wrote that the transfers of Russell Wilson in 2011 and Danny O'Brien in 2012 indicate that Wisconsin needs to change how it recruits quarterbacks. Specifically, Fornelli says that Wisconsin needs to recruit more quarterbacks.

I disagree.

A look at the 2008-2012 recruiting classes (the classes that could reasonably have a QB contribute to the 2012 year) reveals that Wisconsin secured commitments from four quarterbacks in that five-year span. That's a reasonable number. Some schools do insist on taking a quarterback every year, and Wisconsin might be on the low side nationally over the same span, but it's hardly a lack of planning or negligence.

In addition, the Badgers are in the Big Ten, a conference dedicated to avoiding oversigning. Wisconsin cannot continue to take and take, while throwing the busts by the wayside.

Wisconsin took Wilson and O'Brien for two simple reasons. 1) Injuries to their veteran quarterbacks, as Fornelli mentions, and 2) Wilson and O'Brien are better than the majority of quarterbacks in the country. I suppose that Wisconsin could have taken an additional quarterback in the 2012 cycle once it realized some of its returning veteran quarterbacks were injured, but that recruit would be a true freshman this year, and unlikely contribute to the quarterback situation.

The way the Badgers recruit quarterbacks is fine, and this is much ado about nothing.

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