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VIDEO: The Delta State Fighting Okra Is Tired Of Your Laughter

The merits of Delta State's Fighting Okra mascot are inarguable. It is a gigantic anthropomorphic okra. It looks mean as hell, and appears to be wearing MMA sparring gloves. Nothing about it doesn't scream "fantastically esoteric mascot for a small school with a branding challenge," and for that and the cheeky ad campaign using the Okra we salute their work.

However, the latest ad in their new campaign takes an unprecedented turn towards the Fightin' Okra's new role as the sinister 1990s' action movie hero of our worst vegetable-themed nightmares. (Video after the jump.)

The taser is one thing, but there is not enough Ambien in the world to get this horrific image out of my head.


Next time you boil okra, just think of this, and smile as they roil in the scalding water. Feel no regrets. If you didn't do it to them, they'd do it to you. (Via.)