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4 Arizona Football Players Arrested After Melee At Party

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Less than one week in, Rich Rodriguez has his first crisis at Arizona. Four players, including two possible starters, were arrested in a brawl at a party.


The Arizona Wildcats started spring practice in the past week, both on and off the field. A campus house party turned sour, leading to the arrests of cornerback Jourdon Grandon, offensive tackle Fabbians Ebbele, offensive lineman Eric Bender-Ramsay and safety Jared Tevis. They're all sophomores, except for Tevis, a junior. Defensive tackle Justin Washington was also present during the getaway, but un-arrested.

According to the Daily Wildcat's report, Tevis arrived at the Thursday night party with four uninvited teammates. When the other players were asked to leave, former Wildcat Joshua Robbins reportedly shoved a female, which led to a retaliation, which led to much more retaliation.

The players reportedly left and returned with "between 10 and 30" of their "homies."

Robbins is accused of shoving multiple females, Grandon is accused of punching multiple females, and Ebbele is accused of just punching everybody. Grandon, Ebbele, and Bender were charged with criminal trespassing in the first degree and assault, while Tevis was charged with mere trespassing. The players reportedly denied any involvement, saying they were at home and rushed to defend a teammate, but left once the fight broke out.

Ebbele is expected to start at tackle, with Bender in the mix at guard. Grandon finished in the top 10 on the team in tackles last year, and entered spring with a chance at plenty of playing time. Tevis ranked 10th among defensive backs in tackles.

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