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Temple Football Joining Big East For 2012, Other Sports Joining Later

The Big East has scheduled a press conference for noon. It's probably not about Peyton Manning or the New Orleans Saints. It's probably also not about announcing the start of the Big East Tournament. What oh what could it be about? Let's ask the Houston Cougars, soon-to-be Big East members:

That's either the Miami Marlins or the Temple Owls, and, thanks to CBS Sports' Brett McMurphy, we're pretty sure it's Temple. Owls football will indeed join the Big East for 2012, but McMurphy reports other sports won't join until 2013. There's a bit of a scheduling rush that makes Temple football quite valuable to the league immediately, since the West Virginia Mountaineers left a schedule gap when they left for the Big 12. The same vacancy doesn't exist in basketball, as the Big East will have approximately all of the basketball teams.

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