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VIDEO: 'Shutdown Fullback' Has Already Lost Its Mind

"Shutdown Fullback," the world's longest running college football show, did not make it very far into the offseason without going crackers. EDSBS' Spencer Hall and's Jason Kirk present The Metal Episode.

shutdown fullback 2
shutdown fullback 2

The college football offseason is a long, cruel thing, much like Jadeveon Clowney. "Shutdown Fullback," the world's only college football show, ventures into its own frozen Minnesota basement to record a two-man black metal album of a football show. It's so grim and so cold. So cold.

With gnarled hearts and cindered minds, "Shutdown Fullback" exhumes the most Big Ten TV show of all time, welcomes a surly guest, battles to the death with the greatest football announcer ever and introduces a new regular arrest segment. Also, we have extremely important 2013 Southern Miss scheduling news to cover, somberly and while missing limbs. And for the record, we think Mo Isom is pretty awesome!

But won't somebody please talk about Temple joining the Big East? Please?

This is "Shutdown Fullback":

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