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VIDEO: Mo Isom Talks LSU Football Practice, Will Meet With Les Miles On Monday

LSU Tigers football hopeful Mo Isom is entering her third day of spring practice tryouts. Yes, that's "her," in case you're just now joining us. The women's soccer goalie is attempting to become the first woman to ever play in the SEC and college football's first female player in almost a decade.

She says she hit two 50-yard field goals on Thursday after a windy Tuesday. She also confirms teams are going to try and pin the ball between the goal line and the five on kickoffs, negating the NCAA's attempt to cut down on kick returns by changing touchback rules.

She'll meet with Les Miles after a weekend away from the practice field:

But even if the answer's no, it doesn't sound like Miles is gonna get rid of her that easily. Not that anybody wants to get rid of Meaux, of course:

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