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Army Spring Game Leads The Way For Spring Itself

Salute the heroes of the Army Black Knights football team, who began playing spring football way back in the winter, and not the weird, "This is technically winter" period we're going through right now in the South, during which it's like 68 degrees outside. No. It was something like 23 degrees and windy in West Point when Army began spring ball on Feb. 13.

And now, here they are playing their spring game.

A spring game! Already! Your team might not even be practicing yet, and Army's already done. It's still not spring!

The Black and Gold Game is set for 2 p.m. at Doughboy Stadium in Fort Benning, Georgia. It's Army's first-ever spring game away from West Point, but they're still expecting almost 10,000 to show up.

For lighting the way out of the college football offseason, we thank you again, Cadets: