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Barry Switzer Movie In The Works, Apparently

Forgive me. That should be BARRY SWITZER MOVIE IN THE WORKS! APPARENTLY! The legendary Oklahoma Sooners coach (and accomplished Dallas Cowboys coach) could see his memoir turned into a movie -- a movie that could be written by Friday Night Lights writers to boot. How could today get any better?

Molly Smith, the producer, was also responsible for P.S. I Love You and The Blind Side, so expect Nick Saban to somehow show up on a recruiting trip and woo the mother of a young Texan. She's also the daughter of Fred Smith, CEO of FedEx, so expect the movie's Switzer to pine for Oklahoma to get a call-up to the Big East someday, if they can prove worthy.

Eight straight Big Eight titles, players selling coke to feds, three national championships, that thin-eyed wit, the wishbone offense, NCAA probation, the world's snuggest slacks, five OU players catching felonies, and a Super Bowl. Hollywood, kindly point out where the line begins for this film, and you'll see I'm already in it somehow, especially if Barry Switzer plays himself.

ht Crimson And Cream Machine