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Bobby Petrino, Jeff Long Reportedly Meeting Amid Suspension

The job status of Arkansas Razorbacks football coach Bobby Petrino remains unsettled after he was suspended Thursday night. There have been no real updates as we've entered Week 2 of MotorcycleGate, a scandal much better dubbed Hawgpanky.

However, news could start happenin', based on a tweet by Arkansas Democrat-Gazette columnist Wally Hall:

Few are expecting Petrino to be fired for lying to his boss about keeping a state-funded mistress on the payroll. A wrist-slappin' suspension for a game or two, along with a financial penalty and perhaps some time away from the program over the summer, are more likely penalties. Arkansas has a lot of money tied up in keeping the boosters happy, and the boosters seem to like something about winning 10 or so games a year.

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