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Watch Arkansas' Bobby Petrino Press Conference Online

We already know that Arkansas Razorbacks head football coach Bobby Petrino is about to get fired for lying to his superiors about an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate whom he had a part in hiring. At a press conference that starts at 8:15 p.m. ET, the university should announce exactly that. However, just in case that's not what's going down, or in case Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long says something really interesting, you might want to tune in. Thankfully, you can watch this press conference streaming live online.

You can catch the live stream of the press conference at the Razorbacks' official website. You can find a stream of the press conference here, though the site is overloaded and experiencing some technical difficulties. Long is probably going to give some details of the administrative review into the Petrino situation and give a reason or three for exactly why Petrino no longer has a job. Or, he could throw a huge curveball!

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