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Bobby Petrino Fired Due To Refusing To Accept Penalties, According To Report

The Arkansas Razorbacks are expected to announce they are parting ways with head football coach Bobby Petrino on Tuesday night. The expected dismissal stems from an investigation following Petrino's attempt to cover up a relationship with a school employee. The cover-up came to light following a motorcycle crash last week in which Petrino lied about not having a passenger at the time of the accident. Jeff Long's Tough Decision and The Petrino Impropriety Power Rankings

Arkansas investigated the situation throughout the weekend and had internal conversations about how to proceed with Petrino. School representatives met with Petrino on Tuesday prior to the announcement of a press conference.

According to Dudley E. Dawson, Clay Henry of has sources who claim that the school was hoping to be able to retain Petrino, but with penalties that the coach would have to abide by for the remainder of his time there. Petrino refused the terms and was fired as a result.

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