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Jessica Dorrell's Fiancee No Longer Listed As Arkansas Coach

Bobby Petrino was officially fired as the head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks football coach on Tuesday. While some feel that the action was necessary on the part of the school administration, the move is not without residual effects. Petrino's termination stemmed from attempting to cover up a relationship with a subordinate, Jessica Dorrell, who worked for the school and whose fiancee has been employed as an Arkansas strength coach and swimming coach.

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As Braden Keith of SwimSwam notes, Dorrell's fiancee, Josh Morgan, is no longer listed on the school's staff directory. Megan Haskins, a graduate assistant, is listed as the swimming coach.

It is unclear whether Morgan was fired or resigned as a result of the Petrino situation. Dorrell's status as an Arkansas employee is also unknown at the current time.

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