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Michael Dyer Testifies On Guns, Drugs At Auburn Robbery Trial

The trial is underway for the first of those four Auburn Tigers players arrested last year on a host of robbery-related charges. You remember, the fellows that dominated the Fulmer Cup. This one centers around Antonio Goodwin, a wide receiver, who's pleading not guilty. The three other defendants are scheduled to go on trial in June.

(Evan Woodbery looks to be the best source of quotes from the trial.)

Among those offering testimony Wednesday was former running back Michael Dyer, now of the Arkansas St. Red Wolves. Hey, look! A college football story involving Arkansas! Imagine it!

Dyer testified that his gun was used in the incident, but that he tried to talk Goodwin out of taking it. Dyer and the others talked of "constantly" smoking spice, a synthetic cannabis-like drug. DeAngelo Benton said the drug made him sick. Neiko Thorpe testified that he knew Goodwin, Benton, and Shaun Kitchens were drunk on the night of the alleged robbery.

Benton testified that Dyer was with the four players early in the night, partaking in drink and smoke.

Elsewhere, Auburn coach Gene Chizik responded to Dyer's claim that he owned a gun while playing for Auburn and various other legal discoveries:

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