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Bobby Petrino Phone Records: Coach Called Jessica Dorrell During Season

Bobby Petrino has already been fired by Arkansas for ... well, there are a lot of possibilities here, but it's probably for lying about the details of his motorcycle accident last Sunday, providing the woman he was apparently having an affair with (Jessica Dorrell) a job in the Arkansas football office, lying about both of those things together or refusing to accept penalties, but it's very much possible that his already sordid tale could get worse.

One way that will happen: Petrino's phone records have been released, and already have a couple of ugly details.

First, Petrino called Dorrell often over the course of the last six months, with the records dating back to September 12, 2011 showing a conversation between the two of them then and establishing a pattern of frequent contact. Second, Bobby Petrino may know how to use his phone's multimedia capabilities.

Ugly details: possibly literal!

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