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Bobby Petrino's Text Messages Come Rolling In

First it was Bobby Petrino's phone records, showing a pattern of contact with his alleged mistress, Jessica Dorrell. But those were just numbers on a page and little else -- enough to show frequency of contact, but not content. Now, some text messages are rolling in, the result of more FOIA requests filled by Arkansas.

Petrino was worried about his job after the nature of his motorcycle accident became public. Last Friday, he texted associate athletic director Chris Wyrick, asking if he was about to be fired. Wyrick responded (via Chris Bahn):

"I can't honestly speak to his pulse on that, but my gut is he wants it to work. You have done the job and most feel like you are due a mulligan. I would hope as that starts to finalize, you would be open to some PR ideas that I think could help. I wil not impose those on you, but certainly would help you with that of [if] called upon. He has not asked me one time If I've talked to you, so it's not like he is saying this or that."

Petrino also texted athletic director Jeff Long, asking for guidance and expressing regret that "this all happened!!"

Ironically, he sent a text to a student member asking if the contents of his text messages could be released. That text message was released on Thursday, as well.

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