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Bobby Petrino Won't Fight Arkansas' Decision To Fire Him With Cause

The Arkansas Razorbacks fired football coach Bobby Petrino with cause, meaning they terminated him because of his adventurous conduct off the field, not because of his team's performance. Most contracts include clauses that allow for athletic departments to get rid of coaches who do things like, say, putting mistresses on the payroll.

Though Petrino said in his goodbye letter that he doesn't quite agree with athletic director Jeff Long's characterization of how the whole episode went down, it sounds like we won't have to watch the two squabble in court over what actually did happen.

Such a process could have been disastrous for Petrino, as both sides would've had to show all their cards. As we're seeing with merely the release of Petrino's phone records, there are quite a few cars the coach would prefer to keep hidden.

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