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Watch 'Shutdown Fullback,' The Bobby Petrino Firing Extravaganza

Bobby Petrino was fired this week, just as the world's first-ever college football show predicts in this week's episode. It predicted several outcomes for Bobby Petrino, but that was totally one of them. You'll see!

shutdown fullback petrino
shutdown fullback petrino

Finally, the college football offseason offers up some news worthy of devoting nearly an entire episode to. "Shutdown Fullback" digs deep into the story of Charlie Weis suspending a running back for th- ... actually, that's not true. This week's episode is pretty much all about Bobby Petrino and Arkansas.

Injuries are sustained, motorcycles are lit aflame, cowboy shootouts occur, unnecessary assistants are hired and Sid Bream receives a major promotion. It's been a long time coming for that guy.

"Shutdown Fullback" hereby denies all charges and is looking forward to contributing to this university's already stellar image on and off the field for at least an entire recruiting cycle.

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Also, for the viewer on the go, we've broken out some Shutdown Fullback Theatre segments for your a la carte consumption.

Here's our version of Bobby Petrino's final press conference:

A silent film about Les Miles' little-known attempt to imperil a damsel:

And an extended version of the Boss Hawg's 8-Bit Adventure:

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