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Bobby Petrino Bought Jessica Dorrell An Acura, Says Arkansas

The Arkansas Razorbacks continue their strategy of making sure former football coach Bobby Petrino looks as firing-worthy as possible. (Yes, they're just complying with FOIA requests, but they're being mighty snappy about it.) Their tactic in this effort: pretty much just telling everybody exactly what sorts of things Petrino did. That's been entirely sufficient so far.

The latest set of revelations from Chris Bahn includes a note on that $20,000 Petrino gave Jessica Dorrell, his mistress of many months whom he eventually employed in the athletic department. She used it to buy a black Acura. This could've all been avoided if they'd simply ridden in the car he bought her instead of on his motorbike. Cars are super safe.

This comes from the termination letter AD Jeff Long wrote to Petrino. Also from Bahn's article, a quote from the letter:

Your conduct and actions in this matter have generated voluminous negative media stories and opinions, within Arkansas and nationally, that have harmed the reputation of the University of Arkansas and our athletics programs. We are now faced with the task of restoring the reputation of our institution and our athletics programs that many individuals and teams have worked hard to build over the years.

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