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Bobby Petrino Bypassed Arkansas Affirmative Action Policy to Hire Jessica Dorrell

Not only did Bobby Petrino hire his mistress, Jessica Dorrell, to take a position as a player development coordinator on the Arkansas football staff, he skirted a series of University of Arkansas hiring guidelines in order to expedite her hiring. (In addition to the whole "don't hire your mistress" guideline, but that goes without saying). David Epstein and Michael McCann of filed a few Freedom of Information Act requests with the University, and got some documents containing details of Dorrell's hiring.

University of Arkansas affirmative action policy requires jobs be listed for 30 days before candidates can be interviewed, but Petrino filed a waiver, citing the fact that he needed an assistant to look into eligibility of high schoolers during the spring recruiting period. Instead of 30 days, Dorrell interviewed for the job after eight days, and was hired after only 16 - barely half of the amount of time that should have passed before interviews even started.

In addition, the documents reveal that Dorrell was the only of three finalists with no football experience and the only one without a master's degree in a related field - two of the supposed requirements for the position.

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