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PHOTO: Barry Sanders, Robert Griffin III On NCAA Football 13 Cover

Oklahoma St. Cowboys legend Barry Sanders is here to make the NCAA Football 13 cover an all-current-Big 12-schools event, joining Robert Griffin III of the Baylor Bears. The Heisman Trophy angle is EA Sports' big thing this year, with Sanders beating Herschel Walker and six others in a Facebook vote for the honors.

Via EA Sports' Facebook page:


College football really may be the only sport capable of making orange and green look just fine in tandem. If our cover stars are any guide, we can expect defense to be a complete side quest this year, especially if linebackers are no longer able to levitate toward passes anywhere near the middle of the field.

Sanders still holds major single season records despite getting only 11 games in the record books for his Heisman year, while RG3 proved an antidote to all non-scoring things during his final year at Baylor.