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John Daly Recommends Jon Gruden For Arkansas Job

Until Glen Campbell, Bill Clinton and Joey Lauren Adams send in their recommendations (Dave Wannstedt, Bill Clinton and Sam Winters, respectively), life enthusiast John Daly's choice will hereby be listed as the common Arkansan's favorite for the vacant Razorbacks coaching job.

The golfing great's argument, as tweeted:

Been trying to help, all is in @JeffLongUA hands & I've passed all info to him--if that is the route they want to go I think that Gruden would be the perfect fit! Razorback fans would welcome Gruden with open arms! I know it's a long shot but I live for Arkansas! #WPS #justgivehimacall

If we can't get Gruden we need a NFL coach--Petrino raised the bar in Razorback football & I'm hoping@jefflongUA gets us someone strong is my point! I'm here to support our Hogs & the decision that is made! #WPS #HOGforLife

ht College Football Talk

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