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Alabama Shatters Their BCS Championship Trophy

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The team that wins the BCS National Championship each year receives a Waterford Crystal football as a trophy. That trophy is worth approximately $30,000. The Alabama Crimson Tide made the poor decision of displaying the trophy publicly and in a poorly secured fashion at the Mal Moore Athletic Facility, and now that trophy is no more. An Alabama football player's dad broke it.

The football dad who accidentally caused the trophy to fall from its display is probably hoping that his name doesn't come out, and in all honesty, it probably shouldn't. You can find a picture of what remains of the trophy after the jump.


Picture from Alex Scarborough on Twitter.

The good news for the Crimson Tide is that they have a couple of other national championship trophies on campus. Because their athletic department has a ridiculous amount of money lying around after winning the title a couple of times under Nick Saban, the university "will immediately begin the process of replacing the trophy". Presumably, this means that they're going to give Waterford $30,000 to make them a new one. Roll Tide.