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College Football Playoffs: SEC Latest To Oppose Rose Bowl Plan

The college football playoffs debate's various parties may not agree on much, but there's one thing everyone can agree on: that Rose Bowl idea was the worst. Common ground!

Add SEC commissioner Mike Slive to the list. Slive and Conference USA chief Britton Banowsky spoke Monday at a gathering for reporters, with Slive saying of the Big Ten's idea, "It's not one of my favorites. What we're trying to do is simplify in many ways. I don't think that adds to the simplification of the postseason.''

That should surprise nobody, as the plan would benefit the Big Ten and the Pac-12 at the cost of everyone else. Even the Pac-12 has said it has no idea where the proposal came from.

The SEC seems to prefer a plus-one round over a bracketed, four-team tournament, especially if the latter means sending its teams up north to play in the cold, as the most popular model includes. For the time being, the basic battle line appears to be between the SEC and the other power conferences. Though the ACC hasn't yet weighed in, it sided with the SEC years ago when the two first tried to get a playoff going.

For more on the march toward a college football playoff, stay tuned right here.