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Arkansas Coaching Search: Tim Horton For Interim?

The Arkansas Razorbacks named assistant Taver Johnson the interim head coach during Bobby Petrino's suspension, but what if Jeff Long ends up deciding to go the interim route for the rest of the year? While the Hogs have the budget to hire almost any coaching candidate they could attract, doing so under such a time crunch could make it better to wait until after the season to pursue a long-term hire.

Knile Davis is among those supporting running backs coach Tim Horton for the job, while offensive coordinator Paul Petrino, new defensive coordinator Paul Haynes and Johnson are also thought to be in the running. lists Horton's many ties to Hogs football. He was a Razorbacks player in the late 1980s and has coached positions at Appalachian State, Air Force and Kansas State. He was hired as Air Force's offensive coordinator in 2007 before coming home to Arkansas, making him one of several coaches to leave a Falcons staff for the Hogs that year.

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