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VIDEO: Houston Nutt On Bobby Petrino And Arkansas

When it came out that Bobby Petrino was partially done in by using his work phone to conduct illicit romantic activity, we all had the same reaction at the same time: Remember when Houston Nutt was state public enemy No. 1 for doing way, way less than that on his work phone? Though the irony was certainly not lost on Nutt himself, he didn't make an outward show of enjoying the news during a Hogs-centric appearance with Tim Brando.

Even beyond schadenfreude, it's worthwhile to watch Nutt talk about the Arkansas situation, especially when it comes to the future. Nutt praises potential interim coach Tim Horton for the job he did holding together recruiting when Nutt himself was fired by the Razorbacks.

Nutt expresses his sympathies for the players, especially Tyler Wilson, who delayed his NFL Draft entry to spend one more year at Arkansas. Nutt then resumed giggling quietly to himself, an activity he's been diligent at for about two weeks now with no foreseeable conclusion.

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