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Arkansas Suspends Tyler Gilbert After Burglary Arrest

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Arkansas linebacker Tyler Gilbert has reportedly provided the latest piece of bad news in Fayetteville.


It hasn't been a good month or so for the Arkansas Razorbacks. In addition to the Bobby Petrino incident, they've now had three football players arrested. Acting head coach Taver Johnson has suspended linebacker Tyler Gilbert indefinitely for an aggravated burglary charge, Chris Bahn reports. He was reportedly booked at 11:19 a.m. Tuesday, a rare hour for arrests indeed.

Gilbert, a rising sophomore, played in five games last year. He contributed three tackles.

He follows wide receiver Kane Whitehurst, arrested on drug paraphernalia charges, and Jason Peacock, accused of buying gasoline with a stolen credit card. If nothing else, Arkansas' Fulmer Cup standing is working its way up the ranks.

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